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6 Fitness Brands Using Social the Smart Way

There aren’t many pursuits out there that inspire more engagement, good or bad, on social than fitness. Whether it’s workout pics, #gymselfies, or even calorie counts, people love to talk about fitness and everything surrounding it online. The social community has sparked a new wave of community among fitness brands and it’s really, really fun to watch. Some fitness fanatics are doing it better than others, though. Here are 6 brands using social the smart way to inspire, agitate, and create conversation around being fit.

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7 Adventure Travel Companies Using Social Media Right

Adventure travel is a relatively new niche in the tourism industry and it’s not all that strictly defined. “Adventure” means different things to different people whether it’s rappelling down a sheer cliff face or simply traveling to a previously-unexplored country. A few brands are taking advantage of the endless opportunities provided by social media within the adventure travel industry and are continuously finding new ways to inspire and engage customers. Here’s a look at seven travel companies who have the social media thing down…

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