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Should Your Small Business be Online or Brick-and-Mortar?

Starting a new business is always terrifying. Will you have enough capital? Have you done enough marketing? How do you even go about hiring the right employees? The devil is in the details when it comes to launching a fledgling company whether you’re planning an online venture or a retail store. So, how do you know which type of business is right for your idea? There are advantages to being totally-digital and of course, benefits to having a physical location but if you can’t afford to launch both at once, here are some things to consider…

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6 Fitness Brands Using Social the Smart Way

There aren’t many pursuits out there that inspire more engagement, good or bad, on social than fitness. Whether it’s workout pics, #gymselfies, or even calorie counts, people love to talk about fitness and everything surrounding it online. The social community has sparked a new wave of community among fitness brands and it’s really, really fun to watch. Some fitness fanatics are doing it better than others, though. Here are 6 brands using social the smart way to inspire, agitate, and create conversation around being fit.

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7 Small Food Businesses Making Waves on Social Media

Specialty food businesses are not a fad - they're the next big thing and growing! From specialty pickle producers to crème brulee food trucks, successful food entrepreneurs know grassroots support is one of the most effective ways to build business. Growing a loyal customer base with social media is providing a smarter, more affordable, easier-to-access way to reach customers than ever before. Here are seven enterprising businesses in the food industry that's at the top of their game, making a lot of ruckus online, and blazing the new normal on the social media front.

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Bridging the Gap Between Social Stats and Hard Data

You’ve heard time and again that landing the job is about who you know, but it’s equally true that landing a sale is about what you know. In today’s hyper-competitive sales atmosphere, particularly within the business-to-business vertical, having the edge on your competition may simply mean being better informed.

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