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Introducing the Bizshark Blog

With more than 28 million small businesses in the United States, we launched Bizshark back in February aiming to level the business playing field for all entrepreneurs. According to a recent article in Entrepreneur, 75% percent of small business owners (who responded) expect improving sales prospects in the coming year. By providing small businesses and other sales professionals with tools that are easy to use and affordable, we hope to make success that much easier.

Though our tools and contact database are extremely useful, we don’t just want to stop there. Today, we are launching the Bizshark blog, where aside from company news and product announcements, we’ll provide helpful tips and information on how to take your small business and sales tactics further. To start, here’s a great infographic about the state of small businesses in the US.

Image source: Dell and Intel

As we continue on this journey to level the sales playing field for businesses of all sizes, we hope you enjoy our various offerings. We look forward to your feedback and commentary and will continue to strive to provide the best in business contact research and cut out the bull.

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