Julie Felix (9 Results)
Julie Felix Corporate Executive
President Management (other)
Felix International Inc Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Georgetown Texas
Julie Felix Senior Executive
Senior Manager Account Finance & Accounting
Rosamond California
Julie Felix Middle Executive
Manager Site Management (other)
Citibank Finance and Insurance
Cedar Grove New Jersey
Julie Felix Middle Executive
Manager Case Management (other)
Sacred Heart Hospice Health Care and Social Assistance
Eugene Oregon
Julie Felix Non-executive
Registered Nurse Healthcare & Medical
Elite Nurses Inc Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Oshkosh Wisconsin
Julie Felix Undetermined
- Undetermined
Interwest Transfer Co Finance and Insurance
Salt Lake City Utah
Julie Felix Undetermined
- Undetermined
Passionfruit Theatre Co Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
- -
Julie Felix Undetermined
Academic Advisor Academics
Youngstown State University Educational Services
York Pennsylvania
Julie Felix Undetermined
Recieving Undetermined
Walmart Mexico Retailing
- -
Julie Felix Undetermined
Primary/Secondary Education Professional Academics
Santa Barbara California
Julie Felix Undetermined
Adoption Counselor Specialized Services
Santa Fe New Mexico