About Bizshark

Just Contacts. No Bull.

Our mission is simple: to offer the most complete business contact listings and tools to help you connect with the right people, drive productivity, and increase revenue.

With a database of more than 40 million business contacts and more than 14 million company listings, Bizshark helps you speed up your sales cycle with:

Contact listings for assistant, managerial, director, and C- level personnel including title, department, telephone number, and email.

360° company profiles outlining top contacts, company directories, revenue estimates, and more.

News and relevant information to help you do your research.

Bizshark delivers your contacts quickly and easily, so you can get down to brass tacks and make a deal. Get started now →

Bizshark compiles vast amounts of unstructured data from hundreds of sources and organizes it into comprehensive contact and company profiles.

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Our proprietary algorithms search for, sort, and filter the information to bring you the key players and the necessary means to contact them.

With a low pricing model, simple usability, and competitive business insight, Bizshark provides an unparalleled ROI for anyone seeking B2B sales intelligence. Key features of the Bizshark product include:

A low, monthly pricing model accessible to small businesses, freelancers, and research entities, not just big business.

A simple, intuitive search bar and easy-to-read profiles that link individual, company, and competitor information.

Relevant contact information for more levels of personnel and built-in company directories by department, title, and location.

Seamless integration of financial data and relevant news information.

Identify top decision-makers earlier in the sales cycle, discover opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, and build highly targeted lists with the right contacts to take your business further.

Sales Professionals

  • Reduce research time and determine the best leads quickly.
  • Hone your messaging and respond to your prospects’ immediate needs.

Small Business Owners

  • Easily find potential clients, partners, and investors.
  • Research competitors and industry news.

Business Developers

  • Discover opportunities for growth/investment and companies/contacts for outreach.
  • Get more contacts for goods and services.

Journalists, Researchers, and Academics

  • Connect with potential sources, discover news and updates on companies and people, and seek out research opportunities and funding.