What is Bizshark?

Bizshark is a business contact database of more than 40 million business contacts and more than 14 million company listings. Searchable by individual or company name, Bizshark specializes in organizing people and company-related information from a vast network of sources to provide business management, sales, and marketing professionals with actionable intelligence. The data is amassed quickly, and presented almost instantly in an integrated, coherent, and easy-to-follow format for split-second sales, marketing, and business management decisions.

While an individual could potentially locate the contact and business information through searching phone books, SEC filings and other public records, and researching trade publications and news, he or should would have to conduct hundreds of searches over a long period of time to discover all of the information available through just one Bizshark search.

Spend less time researching and more time in the field. Bizshark’s robust, proprietary algorithms swiftly navigate and organize data that is spread across hundreds of location into one convenient summary on the individual or company being researched.

Why couldn’t I find information on the company I searched?

The data available on Bizshark is gathered from a multitude of sources such as SEC filings, other public records, directory listings, news sources, and more. However, machine aggregation has its limits and we cannot guarantee full or accurate information for every company or individual you search for. The results reflect the data of our sources. It is important to remember that privately-held companies are not required to make financial or other disclosures to the SEC or to the public, and therefore the information that can be aggregated about them from public sources may be somewhat limited compared to available data about publicly-held companies. Bizshark strives to aggregate and display all available information any company or individual searched, and we are constantly working to expand and improve our data offerings.

Where does Bizshark get its data?

Bizshark compiles people and company-related information from SEC filings, government records, business directories, company sites, news sites, social networks, and other public sources. We are constantly working to expand our data offerings and look forward to continued improvement for each of your searches.

Does Bizshark guarantee data accuracy?

Bizshark currates data from hundreds of types of sources. While some sources (SEC filings, company directories, self-reported surveys, etc.) are generally accurate, others range from news reports to social media mentions, and can be inaccurate at times. Bizshark does not originate or create data. The data reflects that of the original sources. Bizshark does not guarantee data accuracy, and its data should only be used as a reference.

Also, please note that Bizshark’s terms of use clearly state that use of Bizshark to determine eligibility for employment, credit or any other use under the Fair Credit Reporting Act is explicitly prohibited.

Are my searches private?

Yes. All Bizshark searches are private. Search history is only viewable to the account holder who is logged in.

How can I remove my listing from Bizshark?

Detailed instructions for removing your listing are available on our Privacy Page