Removing Your Listing from Bizshark

We respect that individuals each feel differently about privacy, and if you’re uncomfortable with your contact information being listed on our platform, Bizshark makes it easy for you to remove your listing by opting out.

Bizshark compiles data from a multitude of sources, including SEC filings, government records, public directory listings, business sites, as well as major news and social media sites (if publicly available). Therefore, removing a listing from our directory will not remove your information from its original source. If you have multiple listings on Bizshark, each one is identified by a unique URL and should be removed individually.

Please keep in mind that choosing to remain on the Bizshark business search platform will enable professionals with potential business opportunities to contact you. Don’t miss out on that key partnership because the executive you met at the networking event wasn’t able to find the right email address for you.

Data Verification/Correction

Coming Soon!

At Bizshark we strive to provide the most accurate professional contact information. Our developers are hard at work on enhancements that will allow you to update your listing to reflect your most recent title, contact details, and professional qualifications so that your information can remain on our database allowing important business contacts to be able to connect with you for potential business opportunities.
Please check back for updates on the availability of these features soon.

To remove a listing from Bizshark, please enter the URL of the profile: